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It becomes harder and harder everyday to promote your stuff on Instagram and get out there in the crowd, trying to get more exposure. When it comes to sales and conversions if you are promoting actual products on Instagram, it’s even worse if you are not using their paid features.

Marketing your Instagram is tough and requires a lot of money and initial investment to make your profile look good, design your photos, etc. If you are an artist that is just getting signed up for Instagram, it may sound bad but it will be a really hard task to get exposure and followers so that you look good.

A lot of people do a mistake and they just create an account and share their stuff, but they have a very small amount of followers, or no followers at all.

Having followers on your Instagram account is important, it tells a lot about you and people find it cool to see that you have a decent amount of followers, so they decide to follow you too.

Other artists use tricks like follow for follow or exchange networks just to boost their count of followers. Although it may trick some people into following, the smarter ones will always check and they will discover that only dummy accounts follow the user – it will simply make them close their profile.

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